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Charlene... you are missed... even if I have never met you here on Earth... you will always be in my life.

It has been three years, and you have been missed every day of those three years.


I dreamed about you last night, that somehow you had survived. It was hard losing you again.

After spending 2 years in residency with Charlene, I'd occasionally check her website to see what she's up to and after not seeing much new for the past couple years, I looked harder only to discover this tragedy.
Charlene and I shared the most perfect moment of post-call hilarity and now there is no one else who will understand.
I haven't cried this hard in a long time.
A was always a little bit in awe of her effortless mastery of whatever she worked on. It's good to hear of all the other things she excelled at, since I mainly saw one side of her and only hints of the rest.

Dear Charlene,

It's your birthday again and how I wish I could treat you another boba. Several days ago, I screened our 546 Thermopylae to a class of young film students in Shenzhen, my hometown, and introduced them some basic sound techniques. How I miss working with you on that film, so much fun memories!

To me you're always there, in a place you love and a career you love.


Hey Hakifu <'3 It's your best gaian buddy Bruce-Lee1. You will always have a place in my heart...

I am not resigned to the shutting away of loving hearts in the hard ground
So it is, and so it will be, for so it has been, time out of mind:
Into the darkness they go, the wise and the lovely. Crowned
With lilies and laurel they go: but I am not resigned.

Lovers and thinkers, into the earth with you.
Be one with the dull, the indiscriminate dust.
A fragment of what you felt, of what you knew,
A formula, a phrase remains – but the best is lost.

The answers quick and keen, the honest look, the laughter, the love -
They are gone. They have gone to feed the roses. Elegant and curled
Is the blossom. Fragrant is the blossom. I know. But I do not approve.
More precious was the light in your eyes than all the roses in the world.

Down, down, down into the darkness of the grave
Gently they go, the beautiful, the tender, the kind:
Quietly they go, the intelligent, the witty, the brave.
I know. But I do not approve. And I am not resigned.

- Edna St Vincent Millay

It hurts that you're gone.

Charlene - you are always in my heart. Your memory reminds me to enjoy the small things and recognize the wonderful people around me, and I thank you for inspiring so many of us to truly live our lives the best we possibly can.

Still missing you, Mousebladder.

Like Rain has said, not a day has gone by when in some direct or indirect way, your thought has come to mind ever since January 27, 2009. I am surprised how my eyes still well up every time. However, I must say that it is as though the pain has found a new my emotional outlook on life. It is more a reflection of what you stood for and how we should make the most of each moment we are alive. You are a sweet memory and as though you are looking over us, I am a bit more calm and have slowed down a lot more in my life. Trying to take every moment, trying to order dessert every time I want to hold back, trying to make sure I tell everyone I love, that I love them...and with that, let me say "I love you Charlene". God bless wherever you are. I will say a special prayer for you tonight. And by the way, it is a delight to see your family every time I get a chance. I feel I am seeing you when I am with them. I think we all come together to somehow feel your presence, with every bit of you coming together in all the people you touched so deeply. Kisses!

I don't think a day has passed this entire year when I have not deeply missed you.

Sometimes that "missing" is very selfish: running our business without you has been very tumultuous, and I have now discovered just how rare and amazing our working relationship, our ability to practically complete each others thoughts in spite of our differing opinions, to always work in sync, truly was.

Often that missing is more of an ache, of thinking of all the things we had planned to do and never did. Thinking of Casper, the pet we never co-adopted. Thinking of our journey to NY for Alison's wedding and wishing, in spite of the challenge of getting on a plane ;) that we would do it again. Thinking of lunch at Love Birds....

I wish you could have enjoyed the success SunRain is now experiencing. We have great clients and very worthwhile, fun projects. We wouldn't be here if it weren't SunRain.

This world and our lives have not been the same without you. My heart is broken. But it is also filled with everything that your friendship meant and everything you, just being you, taught and gave me.

I was so saddened to recently find out about Charlene's very tragic death. I met Charlene in 2000, after she graduated from medical school. She joined the Flower Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program in Sylvania, Ohio that year, where I am Program Director, and for those next three years I knew her as an outstanding family practice resdient. We all knew of her artistic side and loved to view her on line gallery of pictures. She was kind, compassionate, energetic, creative and everyone here, including her patients, loved her. I was surprised, but should not have been, when she came one day to tell me that she would be following her dream and leaving for film school at the completion of residency. I was so happy for her, for everyone should be able to follow their dreams--I told her that the family physician in her would only add to her artistic interpretation of the world. I know that she touched many people's lives while she was with us at Flower Hospital and I can only imagine how difficult loosing her was to those she worked with and to her family. The world became a little brighter wtih Charlene around.
Jeanine S. Huttner MD
Program Director
Flower Hosptial Family Medicine Residency
Sylvania, Ohio

I just found out about Charlene's passing after almost a year. She will always be missed. I knew Charlene from Toledo when she was a resident in Family Medicine at Flower Hospital. She was kind, funny, always helpfull, and eager to go out for a movie even if it was in a language that she didnt understand. I have a lot of good memories and good times spent with her. And she will always be remembered. May God bless her soul.
S. Josh

I came to meet Charlene through Rain. I needed a cinematographer and Rain recommended her.I say will be completely inadequate to the task of honoring Charlene. She will always be my best friend. She is the family that I chose. I've known Char since freshman year in high school in Amherst.but I still remember her well. She was a wonderful and fun person, whether she was acting her part in the latest play or joking about being a Vulcan, she always brought smiles to those around her.We memorized bits of Beowulf together and wrote a story together for Mr. Strohm; we measured the energy required to play a page of sheet music by stacking pennies on her piano keys and tried to measure the acceleration of a roller coaster car for Mr. McCullough. We both laughed when the bits of liver exploded into Kristen's face in Lengyel's Chemistry class.My prayers for her and her family.

My heart... my thoughts and my prayers go out to the Sun family. Charlene was a remarkable woman. I can't believe she's gone. I found out about a month ago and I walked around in a daze for awhile (just trying to process it).

I came to meet Charlene through Rain. I needed a cinematographer and Rain recommended her. Charlene and I met at a coffee shop near my house and she reviewed my script. She chuckled at the funny parts. Asked a few questions about my vision for the film and told me she wanted in. I was so elated to have a her on-board. And she was equally eager to be a part of what I was doing. So much so, that I became even more excited about my project. But after reading all the wonderful notes left here about her I now see that's the kind of person she was. She could make a first time filmmaker feel good about his own project. Instill in him the confidence, enthusiasm and excitement needed for him to go out and make his dreams come true. That was Charlene.

I'm so proud to have known her. She was multi-talented, a lot of fun to be around, and it never ceases to amaze me when I learn other gifts that she possessed.

May God Bless the Sun family and please know that you're in my prayers.

Warmest Regards,


It's taken me awhile to leave a comment here despite the fact that I check this site often to seek solace for our loss. I guess it's because I know anything I say will be completely inadequate to the task of honoring Charlene. She will always be my best friend. She is the family that I chose. I've known Char since freshman year in high school in Amherst. I was trying too hard to make friends in a new school and she possessed this seemingly effortless confidence. She made it okay to be myself at a time when it's so easy to feel uncomfortable in one's own skin. She also opened up my mind to a world beyond high school silliness. She shared her drawings with me and played her musical compositions on her parents' piano and pointed out Cameron's use of blue lighting in Terminator 2. She was wonderful at everything she did and many didn't even know how far her talents reached since she felt no need to boast. She could just as easily take a classmate down in a judo hold in the hallway outside calculus class as sing Pie Jesu to bring a tear to your eye. She'd bounce around sugared up on peeps, snow caps or fritters and yet she had a grace about her that you'd only see if she let her guard down around you to sing and dance about in her stocking feet at home in the basement. She also was the most intelligent person I've known. Valedictorian in high school, taking med school to "fall back on" in case things didn't work out in film. She knew what she wanted and did everything in her power to move towards that goal. She declared Star Wars to be her god and her dream of film carried her through med school. Speaking of med school, I was fortunate to be living in Toledo while Char finished up her med degree and was regaled like many of you with stories of her patient interactions. I'll never look at either a bagel or a doctor's pinky finger the same ever again. She only voiced worry at one point that she might be too over the hill to really make it in the film industry. I never doubted that she would be the one to make it. She certainly had the talent and I feel we've truly been robbed by her loss. Char and I didn't see each other often once she was in L.A. It was mostly visits over holidays and the occasional email or call. She was my maid of honor at my wedding and I'd always hoped to repay her for the lovely and funny toast at her wedding or some ceremony in her honor someday down the road. I was fortunate to see her as recently as this past New Year's Eve and she held my daughter (who, incidentally, was named based on a character in a book Char recommended back in high school) for the first and only time. Any loss of someone this young and so suddenly is a shock and hard to handle. The world without Char in it will be a place a little less warm, sweet, silly and beautiful. Knowing Char, I can only imagine that her reaction to our words honoring her would be a bouncy hug with her head down and a "gee, shucks" kind of silly reply to make light of all this seriousness. My heart goes out to the Sun family and all of you who share this inconeivable loss.

Kelley A. (Zan) Cutcher

I knew Charlene briefly for one year in high school, but I still remember her well. She was a wonderful and fun person, whether she was acting her part in the latest play or joking about being a Vulcan, she always brought smiles to those around her.

-Nat Brown

I am still reeling from learning the news of Charlene's death. She was a friend from my high school days, and sadly it had been many years since I last talked with her, but I remember so many wonderful things about her. She was incredibly talented and excelled at EVERYTHING she put her hand to. Yet, despite her obvious gifts, she was so humble, so unpretentious, and so much fun to be around! I will never forget her performance as Bloody Mary in Sandstone Summer Theater's production of "South Pacific," that craaazy, wonderful laugh she developed for her character! She made us all laugh on so many occasions, with her quick wit and kooky, offbeat way of seeing the world.
I am comforted to read all the expressions of love from people who knew her after she left our little town in Ohio and grew up and came into her own, and I recognize perfectly the person they all describe. In fact, I was cracking up seeing that she still said "GREETINGS!" to people like a Martian! I am comforted to know that she was living her dreams that I remember her talking about so often as a teenager and that she was happy. The only way I can come to terms with such a tragic loss for all of us that knew and loved her is to think that such a person fulfilled what she came to earth to learn. Godspeed, Charlene, and thank you for all the ligh, warmth, and sweetness you brought to us for a while.
-Melody Nixon

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Sun and Charlton,
I'm really struggling to find the words to write to you right now. You had such a lovely, talented, beautiful daughter who was a light to everyone who knew her. I'll always remember her in Sandstone Summer Theatre in Bye Bye Birdie, wearing that ridiculously huge bra stuffed with pounds of cottonballs! I pray that you're all able to find some comfort in this wonderful space where we can all share memories of her.

Michele Beachler

Charlene was one of three good friends I had in high school. We memorized bits of Beowulf together and wrote a story together for Mr. Strohm; we measured the energy required to play a page of sheet music by stacking pennies on her piano keys and tried to measure the acceleration of a roller coaster car for Mr. McCullough. We both laughed when the bits of liver exploded into Kristen's face in Lengyel's Chemistry class. She played her compositions for me, read me her poetry, and showed me her drawings. We were in musicals together in the summers. When I went abroad, she wrote me letters, and when I returned, she welcomed me home. She was brilliant and beautiful, kind and witty and wonderful.

Mike Stay

It is strange to write this now... for she is someone I never knew but knew very well. As is my attitude with anyone I know on the internet, I leave our friendship at that, never looking to know more about their life outside of the net, and expect the same. Now that she is gone, I find that she was just as incredible outside the net as on... and that makes the loss that much greater.

She was a kind of inspiration to me... in many ways, even though I only knew her from deviant art and from a fan website... she helped to show me how much more I could be doing with my art. Aside from drawing and writing and photography, which is who I am on the net, I am a teacher... as she was to me, and so when I learned of her passing, I felt as if a part of me had vanished too.

I drew a picture and wrote an impromptu poem in her name... and posted my feelings about this in my journal, and since it is her friends and family here who will be missing her most, I thought I would show you what I had to say, because maybe that way you will see how much she touched my life and the lives of countless accomplished and aspiring artists alike on dA alone.

Here is what I wrote the day I found out about her death:

Loss of a Friend

You were always two steps ahead of me
And I was happy to follow
But now your footprints have vanished before me
For you now walk where I cannot

Now I stand where your path ends
And as I look forward I wonder
Is this where you wanted to go
Or were you planning to go much farther

In my heart I know I will head toward the horizon
As I'm sure you planned to do
I will carry your memory with me forever
And I will walk where you could not

I am pretty sure that every Kenshin fan on dA knows Hakubaikou. for her amazing Kenshin fan art, her fan site, and the annual Kenshin contest. I am sure a large percentage of fantasy art lovers know her as well for her breathtaking landscapes and fantasy characters painted in her gallery... so I am sure that a great many of us will feel the same sadness I feel to learn of her death.

Haku was an inspiration to me for so many reasons. When I first got on dA, I was just an anime fan artist... but Haku showed me that I could take my skills further by drawing realism that still looked like the anime, and because of her beautiful fan art, I was inspired to do the same. Then she started doing other, non-fan art related works, which showed me again that there is more to dA than sharing the love of existing anime. I started working on my own original stuff in part because of her example, and in a way, Manic-goose (my other account) may not have existed without her. Her annual contests showed me that by doing something every year, it can get big,and so I hold my coloring contests because I wanted to give colorists something like what Haku gave Kenshin fan artists. In a lot of ways, she inspired me to become the artist I am today, and now she is gone from this world forever. The saddest thing is that I know that I will never have the chance to tell her how much her work helped me to grow now. I was always too embarrassed to tell her so, but now I wish I had, because now I will never have another chance to.

I needed to do something for her, to honor and remember her, and I couldn't think of anything more fitting than a realistic fan art of Kenshin, expressing the sadness I'm sure he would feel to learn of her passing. She was a good friend to Kenshin because she helped keep the fandom alive. The poem is also a way to honor her, for I wrote it immediately after I found out.

Please take a moment of silence now to remember her, and all that she has given us. I know that what I have written here today has only scratched the surface of her impact in dA and I am sure in life.

Thank you to who ever took the time to read all this. And I am deeply sorry to those who were closest to her... I can only imagine the loss you are feeling. And the worst part about loss is that you can't really write about it, or draw it... it is just an emptiness that is inside you, and there is nothing to express that kind of emptiness. I hope you recover soon and move on, knowing that she will continue to live on in the hearts of the countless people she has touched.

To see the picture I drew in her name, here is a link:

I knew Charlene only online as HakuBaikou, but I've always greatly respected her, especially after meeting her briefly in person at AX '08.
My prayers for her and her family.

Requiscat in Pace.

But we certainly felt your presence in our lives. Your character was an inspiration; your art was an inspiration; the way you conducted your on-line life was an inspiration. We will never forget you. Our heartfelt condolences and prayers go to your family and friends.


Charlene was my wife Charong's cousin, and although I had never met her, I am immensely saddened, as is Charong, to learn of her loss. Charlene died on my birthday, which makes me feel a connection with her, and reading about all her ambitions and achievements makes it doubly sad that she died so young. I believe that everything in life and death is for a reason, and although it may be hard to comprehend now, I am sure that Charlene's young life was full and complete and touched many others' lives and that she will live on in so many people's thoughts and memories and spirit.

With love,
Alexander Chow-Stuart and Charong Chow

I would like to post this quotation from the end of T S Eliot's wonderful Four Quartets, a poem which touches on life and death in the most moving manner I have ever read:

"We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
Through the unknown, unremembered gate
When the last of earth left to discover
Is that which was the beginning;
At the source of the longest river
The voice of the hidden waterfall
And the children in the apple-tree
Not known, because not looked for
But heard, half-heard, in the stillness
Between two waves of the sea.
Quick now, here, now, always—
A condition of complete simplicity
(Costing not less than everything)
And all shall be well and
All manner of thing shall be well
When the tongues of flames are in-folded
Into the crowned knot of fire
And the fire and the rose are one."

As a member of the literary forum (and community), that Paul "The Mule" alludes to, I scarcely knew her, other than her obvious contributions in founding it and shaping the form it settled into. That, and a handful of posts. This is a shocking, shocking loss, made all the worse with my first-time discovery of the artwork and everything else that was lost as well. Breathtaking, devastatingly beautiful art; breathtaking, devastatingly painful loss. And if *I* feel this impact, those closer to the epicenter are getting it that much worse. My condolences to all. I hope as many of her creations are preserved as possible, and am glad to note at least one of them -- the forum -- will remain as an enduring legacy, an Association that not even death can sunder.
-- Xheralt

Things like this come as a shock, because even though life comes and goes we never expect the ones we love to die. We read all the time about accidents that take away lives and feel a distant sadness for those people we'll never know, but once it's happened to someone we care about, it's something different altogether.

It's a comfort to know that she'll never be forgotten.

Many others and I knew her as Hakubaikou. Even though I didn't know her personally I have always thought of her as an incredible, strong, firm in her beliefs, kind, sweet and beautiful person. I don't know how to express what I felt when I read the knews but I have read all the comments here and I agree with all of them. I also feel that what I write here is not enough.

Charlene, we will all miss you and I'm sad that this is the reason that I got to know your name and see your face.

I'll never forget you or your beautiful works.

Just four words that always came to mind when looking at your paintings or reading your stories. You will be deeply missed by family and friends, but also by the many lives on the internet that you touched. Hakubaikou, you always supported my writing by giving gentle but well-thought critiques. You built a community around your wonderful website, and brought so many like-minded people together on projects that made us all explore ourselves and the world around us. I hope that your paintings and writings will be protected as the precious gems they are, so that future generations will not miss out on what little time such a bright life had to give.

Thank you. Miss you. A better person because of you.

"From the standpoint of the Louts Sutra (Shakyamuni Budhha's most supreme teaching) birth and death are two integral parts of life. It reveals the principle that the sufferings of birth and death are none other than nirvana or enlightenment. All things arise and disappear. In life they become manifest, and in death they become dormant. We can think of an individual life like a wave appearing on the surface of a great ocean and melding back into it. That ocean is the Mystic Law and all phenomena exist in the Mystic Law's rhythm of life and death. And the Mystic Law is Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo." -Daisaku Ikeda.

I have no doubt that our dear friend Charlene is basking in the sun of new life and tremendous good fortune. I am honored and most grateful for the gifts she's giving us all. Much love to all family and friends of this most dynamic of lives.

Joy and peace,
Mirron Willis

Although we never met, I have known Charlene for over ten years. In the 1990's Charlene founded the Shejidan web forum in honour of her favourite SF author Carolyn Cherryh. It was a dynamic and succesful site and it continues to exist to the present which is a testimony to Charlenes early dedication in building up a base of members and in her tireless efforts to make the place welcoming and fun for everyone who came there. To all of us she was simply "CK" and our guiding star.

More recently Charlene provided some illustrations for an e-book I was writing for another SF website and I was constantly amazed at how she could read half a paragraph of stumbling outline and transform it into exactly the image in my minds eye. Hers was a rare talent which complemented the vivacious and talented young woman I came to know. I have lost a good and true friend

Paul (aka The Mule )

Dear Charlene aka Haku as I sometimes called you,

You'll be very sorely missed by me and other people who have visited your HakuBaikou website. This summer and beyond will not be the same without you. I felt like a piece of me has died that you will no longer host the contests and etc. It will be a very different/ difficult summer this year. I was very honored to be part of your Rurouni Kenshin Fanart contests. I will remember it as long as I live. I hope your website will stay up as long as possible for people to look at artworks and read fanfics. Also to remember you. It was your "baby". You tended it with your heart, soul and mind. Your love to Rurouni Kenshin never strayed from you despite your busy shedule as filmmaker.

I wish I could have met you. You sounded so nice. I would have liked you. Maybe someday I'll met you.

Please rest in peace, Charlene. I'm missing you already.

Love always,
Your HakuBaikou website fan,

Donna Baillod
(aka Kenshin's Soul)

I am sadden by the this news. I only wish that I had actually known her. Her work is wonderful, and the world whether it knows it or not has suffered a great loss in her passing.

It reminds me of how anything could happen to anyone at any given time. Whether you be a great and wonderful person like Charlene or someone who was quite the opposite.

I'm sorry about what happened, I really am. I hope that the people who knew her and her family are okay. To lose someone so dear is hard, but her memory will live on.

May she rest in peace.

As I learned of the passing of Charlene, aka. Hakubaikou, late last night, I plunged into total shock. Now that shock has given way to a deep, deep sadness.

My path first crossed with hers via DeviantART, where I really enjoyed viewing her continually-improving artwork, reading her journal entries and smiling at her upbeat polls. Though I met her exactly once in person, and only for a very short time, I could tell she was very likeable in a spritely way. I feel blessed for having known her even just a tad. think I'll not see more of her work, or hear more about what she's up to...honestly, it makes my heart sink that I took her -- and many others, really -- for granted. I cannot imagine what her family, friends and colleagues must be enduring; I offer my truest condolences and wishes for peace to you. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

I'll miss you, Charlene...

We have spoken in the past briefly about certain passions in our lives. I am deeply, deeply saddened by your sudden loss. I loved your passion and activity, how you could call people together with contests on your website. We were affiliates, but I wish I could have met you face to face. I really do.

You will be terribly missed.

I remember us speaking to each other about our art and our love for Rurouni Kenshin. As well as how that story has affected our lives. I always liked to check in on your art and your site to see how well it was doing. And it always, always made me happy to see.

But, I will do a piece in your memory. I hope you can see it wherever you are.


I never knew you, but I was one of your internet admirers. Your stories and artworks are some of my favorites, and the ones that I can go back to again and again and still love just the same.

The world has lost a brillant and creative mind, and forever shall be poorer because of it.

My thoughts and sympathies are with your friends and family.

My thoughts and prayers go to her and her family. This is such sad news. her art is beautiful and hopefully we can continue to honor it and adore it.

A phrase that sounds corny, I'm aware, but I can't think of a better word to describe her. Her art moved me and her comments on my own art encouraged me to keep trying, even though I was no where near her level. The news of her passing saddens me more than you can know. My strongest condolences to her family and those who loved her. I will miss her and her brilliance. The scent of hakubaiko is always strongest in the rain. Even in this gloomy weather, she shines with strength.

...But I am moved by all the comments here, left by those who clearly loved you so dearly. Your artwork was stunning - my jaw rarely drops at anything, but your work managed to glean that reaction from me. I heard of your passing only through a friend - a friend I know is hurting very badly at the loss of you. The world, it seems, is a darker place today without you - which you would expect when you remove the Sun from it. When such a promising and talented person, who is loved so entirely, is lost to us it is unfair and unjust. Sadly, there is no court to appeal to, or method of getting you back. The only thing that can be done is to honour the memories you left in the hearts of those who knew you. I'm certain they will never forget.

But I always wanted to. I first met Charlene (known as hakubaikou or affectionally "HB" to us folk online) several years ago via her wonderful stories, and later got to know her much better participating as judge for her summer art contests. More recently I talked to her frequently on her DeviantArt about art, life, and the hope that eventually I'd be able to meet her in LA since I'm planning on moving there later this year. I will always remember has wonderfully kind and generous person, always willing to talk and give advice, and also as a wonderfully talented artist with a great career ahead of her. Her loss is a serious blow; I didn't even know her real name until last night, but I considered her a great friend, and she will be greatly missed. Rest in peace Charlene, we love you and will always remember you.

~Jessica (Calger459)

But I always wanted to. I first met Charlene (known as hakubaikou or affectionally "HB" to us folk online) several years ago via her wonderful stories, and later got to know her much better participating as judge for her summer art contests. More recently I talked to her frequently on her DeviantArt account about art, life, and the hope that eventually I'd be able to meet her in LA since I'm planning on moving there later this year. I will always remember her as a very kind and generous person, always willing to talk and give advice, and also as a wonderfully talented artist with a great career ahead of her. Her loss is a serious blow; I didn't even know her real name until last night, but I considered her a close friend, and she will be greatly missed. Rest in peace Charlene, we love you and will always remember you.

I didn't know her personally, but frequenting her site Hakubaikou has influenced my life a lot, probably more then I'll ever really know.
She will be missed...


I am one of the many who did not know her name, only her online presence as HakuBaikou. As such she was well known especially in the international Rurouni Kenshin fan community as a wonderful person who treasured great artwork and great fiction in honor of a great manga and anime.

She shall be missed.

EK 8 ) (

I can't believe that she's away from here. She was such a good friend, sweet, smart, passionate. Most of all, she cares people. She's so considerate, open hearted for other people, especially for foreign students like me. And it was very joyful to work with her all the time. Her sense of humor beats every physical fatigue and mental stress. I remember when we hang out to several Chinese restaurants. Underneath her smile, I could see her deep perseverance through her life and beauty of positiveness as the second generation of American immigrants. It's really sad for me to lose my "sis".
-"Doobie" Doo Byung Chae from Korea


I love you and I will miss you terribly. You always put a smile on my face and so many others. I think about what happened and as hard as it is to digest the truth, I think about your life and how happy you were and how much you accomplished and for a second it's almost okay because I have to believe that you are in a better place. But, then I remember you as a person and how lovely and talented you were and I can't help but get upset all over again because I think about the world and the many, many people in the world who were never fortunate enough to have met you and it simply is not fair! You my dear, I will hold dear in my heart forever. I love you and miss you and hope you know how many lives you touched, including mine. Thank you for your laughs, your hugs, your smiles, your advice, thank you so much everything you have given me. I am a better person because of you and this world was a better world with you in it... I have to believe that there is a master plan and that you are still a living part of it and I hope you are happy and in peace.

I love you!


It’s hard for me to accept the fact that the life of such a talented and kind person was cut short. I am honored to have known Charlene. I am sad I didn’t know her better. Her accomplishments: cinematographer, sound designer, graphic artist, business owner, writer, DOCTOR, are more than most people could even dream of given twice as much time. But beyond her amazing talents, Charlene was probably the most genuine, kind, good-natured person I’ve ever met. Her smile lit up a room. She left a legacy of friends and family who love her and will be forever inspired by her life.

Greetings, Charlene. You are missed.

For a short while, I was lucky enough to know Charlene. She started doing graphic work on Scorpion King in early 2008 and our director Russell and I just loved her. Her work was so good that Russell had her doing stunning artwork for several of his upcoming projects. I was amazed at how good her work was. She was truly a gifted person who didn't deserve to be taken from us all.

It leaves me wondering why the good ones are taken, the ones who brighten the days, and lighted up people's lives. The ones who are positive, honest and good. Charlene was this kind of person.

It doesn't, and never will, make sense to me. It's a question that I don't think will ever get answered.

Charlene, we miss you, love you and my life was enriched by you.

Love and may peace be with you forever.
John Gilbert